Exam Results

At the end of the examination* you will receive a printed report of your results that will include your name, title of your examination and whether you passed or failed. Your actual score is only provided if you failed, along with your performance diagnostics by knowledge domain. To ensure confidentiality, results will not be released by telephone, facsimile or any other electronic transmission, either by AFP or by Pearson VUE. Electronic score data files will be retained for a period of three years.

Information about your results will be released only with your written consent. However, AFP will release the names of new CTPs on a semi-annual basis.

If you want a duplicate score report, call Pearson VUE at 866.837.8287.

*Please note that during the first exam administration under a new body of knowledge, candidates will not receive their results until 6 – 8 weeks after the close of the testing window. This wait is necessary in order to assess the performance and difficulty level of each exam question and set a passing score. This affects the June/July 2023 window.