About the Exam

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The CTP Examination is made up of 170 multiple-choice questions and is based on concepts and experiences in relation to treasury management. Each question is derived from the body of knowledge, Essentials of Treasury Management, 7th Edition. The content/topic areas are located in the CTP Test Specifications

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Your scheduled test appointment time is four hours, of which you will have three-and-one-half hours to answer 170 questions.  The remaining 30 minutes is available for you to review an optional 15 minute tutorial (prior to the examination) and answer a brief computer-administered questionnaire (at the end of the examination).

During the examination, you will have the opportunity to review any question on the examination.  You can change answers, mark or skip questions.  Should your time expire while taking the exam, all answers, regardless of how they are marked will be calculated into your score.  Once your allowed time has expired, or you exit the examination, you cannot see or review questions again.  For more information about scoring and results please visit our Rules & Regulations page