Special Accommodations

Under special circumstances (i.e., medical or personal emergency) AFP may allow a deferral from the current testing window to the next testing window with no additional fee.

An event that can be anticipated is not considered an emergency.  A candidate’s inability to take the exam due to work commitments or insufficient or inappropriate preparation is not considered an emergency.

Emergencies include:

  • Death in the immediate family
  • Illness, either yourself or immediate family member
  • Disabling traffic accident
  • Court appearance or jury duty
  • Military duty
  • Unscheduled work travel


Special circumstances must either immediately precede or coincide with the administration of the exam. All such circumstances must include supporting documentation (i.e., a doctor's note, emergency room forms, death certificate). A medical or personal emergency may apply to you or to one of your immediate family members: spouse, child or parent as defined by the Family Medical Leave Act.

Approval of a deferral request is granted on a case-by-case basis.  Deferrals are permitted only once per new application.

Candidates must cancel their existing exam appointment in accordance with Pearson Vue cancellation policies, otherwise they are subjected to the “no-show” penalty fee of $85.