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Latest Discussions:

•  CTP Exam Development

"Certification exam development is a multiple step process that involves subject matter experts and testing and assessment professionals working together to ensure the exam measures what it's supposed to measure."

•  Exam Questions

"My recommendation is to study the body of knowledge, practice, identify your areas of weakness, study some more and keep practicing until you have mastered as many areas as you can."

•  Online Calculator for CTP Exam?

"An online calculator will be provided. You may toggle between a basic nonprogrammable, non-printing, four-function calculator with the percent and square root buttons and a scientific calculator.  The scientific version of the online calculator will resemble and function most similarly to the TI-30XS calculator.  No other calculator will be allowed in the testing room."

•  CTP Exam Prep Platform Questions

"The problems will vary in difficulty and involvement on the exam just as they do in the Prep Platform. I wouldn't ignore studying problems just because they are involved. My other suggestion is to attempt to learn the formulas and not simply memorize them."

•  And much more....