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CTP Exam Tips: Just Being in Treasury Won’t Cut It

Mar 3, 2016

By Mustafa Ali, CTP

Like many accountants turned treasury professionals, I started exploring the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) as a means of adding another certification under my belt. I was blown away when I went through the sample test in the CTP Guide and quickly realized that merely being in the treasury profession won’t cut it.

Therefore, I enrolled myself into the Rice University’s online course, which ran for 12 weeks. It provided me the appreciation of the breadth of knowledge required to earn the CTP certification. As part of the course I was also provided with the AFP Treasury Learning System (books, eBooks and a very comprehensive online testing access)—and that’s what I’d attribute my success towards.

How I studied

I went through the sample test again. This gave me a pretty good idea of the areas I needed to focus on. The test identified specific modules and chapters, so those are the books that I read in their entirety.

I then took each modules’ online tests and calculation tests. And instead of trying to complete the test, I focused on using every question as my indication to go and read the relevant chapters from the books—especially when my answers weren’t correct.

I printed the formulas’ flashcards and carried them with me wherever I went to review them often and memorize them. In the test, they often ask questions that would require rearrangement of formulas, so I handwrote such variations on the flashcards. For self-clarification, I standardized some terms e.g., r(RF), which could also be referred to as CMAP in the books. And such focus helped me in the exam, when time is of an essence to understand and answer each question correctly.

I set aside an hour of study time per day for a couple months and a full week of focused study right before the exam. A couple of days before the exam I took the post-study and pre-exam tests.

In my next post, I’ll describe the process of taking the exam.

Mustafa Ali, CTP is treasurer for Canada Bread.