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CTP Exam Preparation Blog

CTP Exam Tips: With the Right Prep, Anyone Can Pass

Feb 4, 2016

By R. Josh Fogle, CTP

I believe in the old adage, “hindsight is 20/20”, so I feel that my study tips will be useful to some of the current CTP candidates that are in the midst of preparing for the exam in the upcoming testing window. I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that anyone can pass the test—with the right preparation.

AFP offers a plethora of training tools that can assist with this preparation, but my commentary will focus on the three tools/resources that I used.


First, I read all five domains of “The Essentials of Treasury Management”.  I was able to build a solid foundation as it related to the exam competencies.

The second, and the most useful tool that my company afforded me was the AFP online class, instructed by Dr. Matthew Hill, CTP, CFM, FP&A, assistant professor of finance for Arkansas State University. Each of the sessions that Dr. Hill led focused on a specific, predetermined set of disciplines in the AFP Treasury Learning System. Throughout the sessions, we had the ability to ask questions and request further clarification. The live, online format was by far the best way for me to get an in-depth look at the most important aspects of the test.

The last learning tool that I utilized was a process that worked best for me and the way that I learn. I am horrible at memorizing by listening—I am much better when I read the material. Therefore, I went through each of the chapter question sets in “The Essentials of Treasury Management” and reread the questions and answers. I focused on the correct answers that were supplied, so that I would not be derailed by unnecessary, incorrect information. In addition, I mined each chapter for the equations, wrote them in a notebook and reviewed them for a solid week—until I knew them.

As a newly minted CTP, I feel my exam preparation methodologies will be useful to many of the candidates since I utilized the most recent edition of “The Essentials of Treasury Management”.  The most important takeaway is that there are plenty of tools and resources provided by AFP to pass the CTP Exam, but you have to use what is most effective for the way you learn. Good luck.

R. Josh Fogle, CTP, is vice president, business banking treasury management for PNC Bank.