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CTP Exam Preparation Blog

About the CTP Exam Preparation Blog

Nov 19, 2015

Welcome to the CTP Exam Preparation Blog, another resource to help you prepare for the CTP exam.

Aspiring Certified Treasury Professionals will find study tips by practitioners who have recently earned the designation, as well as posts by candidates chronicling their experiences and challenges as they prepare for the exam. This blog also features tips by academics who regularly teach CTP courses, longtime CTPs, and others. The blogs will be tweeted to the CTP Twitter account—so if you are not yet following the CTP Twitter, you should check it out. You will be kept up-to-date on the following:

  • General CTP information
  • Deadline and appointment reminders
  • Webinar dates and emails
  • Study tips and other preparation information
  • Application and other form details
  • Candidate blog updates
  • Conference and event information.

Be sure to check back regularly for more posts that will help you in your pursuit of the CTP. Additionally, we are always looking for new CTP Prep Bloggers. If you are interested in sharing your experiences studying for the exam, please reach out to Andrew Deichler, editor of the CTP Preparation Blog, or AFP’s Certification Department.

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