Stephanie Uhl, CTP

Nobody really imagines themselves in treasury. It’s something that most people kind of fall into - that’s what happened to me. Ten years ago I began my career as a receptionist and then an administrative assistant in the (then) Cash Management department - my career blossomed from that point. I enjoyed learning about the different aspects of Cash Management and the very important role we played in the company, albeit in the background. I became a backup to the Assistant Cash Manager who later left the department and I filled that position. A few years later I was promoted to my current position, Corporate Cash Manager.

Treasury is complex and no one operates in every aspect of treasury. An immediate takeaway from studying the CTP is that there are so many different pieces to Treasury. This is especially important if you’re transitioning from a cash management shop to a treasury shop, which we did about two years ago. Cash management and treasury are very different, although treasury encompasses cash management. It’s important to learn all aspects of treasury. The CTP does that.

After I got the CTP certification, I had more credibility. I felt more confident and like people took me more seriously, especially given that I had no previous formal education. The CTP says to those I have business relationships with that I am knowledgeable in and care about my field.

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