Anita Patterson, CTP


I have been a CTP for ten years. I initially decided to take the CTP exam for personal satisfaction. I'm a treasury professional, so I figured the CTP designation is the epitome of the treasury profession. I need to have that. I also wanted bragging rights. I wanted to be able to tell everybody that I am a CTP, I’m at the top of my game within the industry, I have the knowledge base and what it takes to be a treasury professional.

Little did I know that it was going to come in handy for a job search. I was looking for a job a few years later, and I can tell you that the CTP looked great on my resume. It helped me with credibility because every job I searched either required, or preferred a CTP. This helped set me apart from the other candidates that were out there.

I list "CTP Preferred" on job descriptions when I’m hiring. CTPs shows an ability to go out, study, take an exam and pass it. It also has the requirement to keep abreast of what's going on in the industry because with the CTP, there are required continuing education credits. I think this is key to continue with knowledge throughout your career. It shows, to me, a commitment to the industry and to the treasury designation. In fact, our senior treasury analyst just earned it, so my whole Treasury team is comprised of CTPs.

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