Tara Lynn Aldea, CTP


After spending a decade in the Commercial Lending space, and reading countless articles in 2007-08 referring to something unfamiliar and disturbingly strange in our space. They called it the Real Estate Bubble - and if I knew what was good for me, I needed to make a change. It was then that I decided to transition into Treasury.

Throughout my earlier career I had a great deal of exposure with C-level business colleagues and associates throughout the Midwest region. Early on I started categorizing fellow professionals into little clusters, classified by talent, ability and aptitude. The best of the best always had 1 thing in common – they were Certified Treasury Professionals, or CTPs.

Fast forward to 2015; I have been in Treasury Management Sales for 9 years now. After earning the CTP certification and demonstrating my competencies, I was promoted to Vice President, Senior Sales Advisor and was responsible for a very demanding and onerous client portfolio in the Midwest. I believe that earning my CTP showed my employer that I have the required expertise to work proficiently with Treasurers and CFO’s of Fortune 500 companies. At that very moment when you’re exchanging business cards, and you both notice that each person possess the CTP designation – there is an instant connection. For the past 5 years I have been a top producer within my organization and I attribute a large portion of that success to my underlying knowledge of treasury management.

I couldn’t imagine where I might be had I not obtained the CTP designation. Not only has it helped advance my career but it also provided me with a great sense of achievement. Regardless what industry you may serve, to me the CTP symbolizes that you each have a deeper understanding of treasury, liquidity and finance that goes beyond a Bachelor’s degree.

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