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CTP Exam Tips: With the Right Prep, Anyone Can Pass
Anyone can pass the test—with the right preparation. AFP offers a plethora of training tools that can assist with this preparation.  Read more...

2/4/2016 | Comments (0)

CTP Exam Tips: How to Read the Questions
When you sit down to answer questions, whether they are from the sample tests, or for the exam itself, make sure to read the question slowly and completely. All of the questions have been written to provide the minimum amount of information needed to determine the answer.  Read more...

1/15/2016 | Comments (0)

CTP Exam Tips: Handling the Three Question Levels
The CTP Exam is a timed test with nearly 200 questions to be answered in three and a half hours. An important fact to keep in mind about the test questions is that there are three levels of questions; basic, intermediate, and advanced.  Read more...

1/4/2016 | Comments (0)

CTP Exam Tips: All the Information is There
When you’re preparing for an exam, there’s always going to be that fear that the information provided to you on the test won’t be sufficient. And if that happens, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve studies; it’s going to be incredibly difficult to come up with the correct answer.  Read more...

12/18/2015 | Comments (0)

CTP Exam Tips: Taking the Test
You’ve committed to taking the exam, put in the necessary time, worked on your weak spots, and the test day is almost upon you. What can you expect in the last few weeks prior to the exam?  Read more...

12/1/2015 | Comments (0)

CTP Exam Tips: Studying for the Test

So you’ve committed to taking the CTP exam, created a learning plan on how to get through the chapters of the AFP Treasury Learning System, and told your friends, family and coworkers about a new opportunity you’ve undertaken. Now what?


11/20/2015 | Comments (0)

About the CTP Exam Preparation Blog

Welcome to the CTP Exam Preparation Blog, another resource to help you prepare for the CTP exam. Aspiring Certified Treasury Professionals will find study tips by practitioners who have recently earned the designation, as well as posts by candidates chronicling their experiences and challenges as they prepare for the exam.


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CTP Exam Tips: Laying the Groundwork
A new job, more responsibilities and longer hours—just what I needed as my CTP exam loomed on the horizon. With a test date of June 27, I had a little over four months to study and prepare for the exam.  Read more...

11/9/2015 | Comments (0)

About the CTP Exam Prep Blog
Welcome to the new CTP Preparation Blog! Here’s another resource to help you prepare for the CTP exam.  Read more...

2/15/2013 | Comments (0)

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